For the Rehabilitation department, we are very pleased to have met Kati Paakkolanvaara, who after years of experience at international showjumping stables, has now chosen to take care of the rehabilitation of our patients.

She guarantees optimum care of your horse. The intention for a recovery program is that it will be drawn up in consultation with the referring veterinarian. Daily monitoring of the recovery of the original injury takes place. The rehabilitation program and the responses are always discussed with the people involved. We have shockwave, laser and cryotherapy available for rehabilitation. VIA NOVA cooperates with excellent physiotherapists and osteopaths. We will soon also have a saltwater SPA for horses.

Laser (Sound Eklin Smart RLT)

Laser therapy is used to promote the healing of tendons, ligaments, muscles and wounds. This technique uses light with a specific wave length and intensity. If this light is absorbed by the cells in the tissue to be treated, it results in a cascade of physical effects that stimulate tissue repair. For example, the inflammation process is inhibited and the creation of scar tissue is also limited. In addition, the ingrowth of new cells, circulation and lymph drainage are stimulated.

Shock wave therapy

Shock wave therapy uses focussed sound waves that stimulate the metabolism and blood circulation at the site with the aim of promoting healing. This treatment also has an analgesic effect. Shock wave therapy is mainly used for adhesion problems with tendons and ligaments. It can, however, aid the healing process of a variety of tendon, ligament or bone problems. For an optimum result several treatments with an interval of two weeks are recommended

Cryotherapy (Metrum Cryoflex)

In addition to cooling with cold water or ice packs, we also use cryotherapy. This treatment involves cooling a specific region at a very cold temperature for a short time using liquid nitrogen. It alleviates pain, reduces inflammation, stimulates circulation and therefore promotes healing.