Veterinary practice Equide is the result of veterinarian Wouter Demey’s passion to perform high-quality, evidence-based dentistry on horses. 

Since 2012 Equide has been striving to take this equine discipline to a higher level. This has resulted in a strong development of knowledge, material and infrastructure, enabling us to offer our patients optimum dental care.

In 2018 Equide was one of the first clinics in Europe to open a fully equipped dental clinic for horses in Schaffen (Diest) – Belgium.
Here we offer the full range of treatments from standard dental check-ups to specialised dental surgery.

Equide also has a state-of-the-art mobile facility with digital X-ray, oral endoscopy, sinoscopy, etc. and can provide these services on location at VIA NOVA.
In addition, our cooperation with VIA NOVA means we can offer additional diagnostic facilities such as a standing CT examination and operating facilities.