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Via Nova accompanies your horse with sustainable support, 5* hospitalization and tailor-made service. You can reach us day and night with emergencies. Our team of specialists is available 365 days a year. We offer the full spectrum of emergency medicine around the clock.


  • In case of emergencies, call +32 (0)89 390 008 


VIA NOVA is Latin for "The new road"
It was one of the two thoroughfares that brought lost travelers back on the right path in ancient Rome. This reflects the innovative character of this scientific center where knowledge from all over the world comes together to get patients back on track.

The founders have built up a strong curriculum in guiding horses in top sport on a world level and are doing pioneering work in the development of medicines. Sharing their experience with young vets became the reason to found Via Nova.

In addition to an accommodation that is built to follow the latest developments and to use the most modern techniques, the team also exudes innovation, ambition and passion for the horse. Via Nova adds a higher dimension to the term equine clinic. Together with the best specialists worldwide, we search, in consultation with the owner, for worthy guidance for every horse. The Via Nova team is available day and night for the health of your horse.
We are here to support you.


Your horse may be eligible for various forms of guidance at Via Nova. The best specialists worldwide draw up a tailor-made plan based on passion for the health and performance of your horse.




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