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VIA NOVA is Latin and means: “The new road”. It was one of two arteries that brought lost travelers back on track in ancient Rome. The name reflects the innovative nature of Via Nova’s medical treatments and its ambition to get patients back on track in close cooperation with their referring vets. The founders have built a strong curriculum in guiding top sport horses all over the world and perform groundbreaking work in drug development. They want to share their experience by creating Via Nova.

Via Nova gives another dimension to the term equine clinic. In addition to an accommodation that is built to follow the latest developments and to use the most modern techniques, the team also stands for innovation, ambition and passion for the profession. We are always looking for the best possible care for each horse, whereby the owner is always kept informed during this process. Via Nova works closely with the best specialists worldwide and strives not only to be an equine clinic, but also to become a scientific center where knowledge from all over the world comes together.

A lot of attention is paid to making the correct diagnosis and the appropriate treatment in order to ultimately achieve the best possible result. At Via Nova you can assume that the best care is provided to both horse and horse owner. The Via Nova team is available day and night for you and your horse!

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