Mobile service

We understand that it is not always easy to come with your horse to our clinic. As of today it is also possible to offer the best possible care to your horse at home! We have invested in two well-equiped practice vehicules with the best equipment. (e.g. mobile x-ray machine, ultrasound).

Our veterinarians can offer following services on site:


  • Pre-purchase examination
  • Lameness examination
  • Sports guidance for top sport horses
  • Poor performance
  • Radiographics
  • Ultrasonography
  • Tendon treatments
  • Joint treatments
  • shock wave
  • Neck-, Back-, and sacro-iliac problems
  • Ridden examination

Yearly health checks

  • Vaccination
  • Manure test
  • Deworming

Internal medicine

  • Gastric examinations
    • Gastroscopy
  • Airway examinations
    • Endoscopy

Tailor-made nutrition advice

Wound care