Veterinary practice Equide is the result of veterinarian Wouter Demey’s passion to perform high-quality, evidence-based dentistry on horses. 
?Since 2012, Equide has been trying to take this veterinary discipline to a higher level. This translates into a strong development of knowledge, material and infrastructure to be able to treat our patients as well as possible.
?In 2018 Veterinary Practice Equide was one of the first in Europe to open a fully equipped dental cabinet for horses in Schaffen (Diest) – Belgium. Here the full package from standard dental checks to specialized dental procedures is offered.
Equide also has a ?state of the art? mobile setting including digital x-ray, oral scopy, sinoscopy, etc. with which he can provide his services on location at VIA NOVA. In addition, the collaboration with VIA NOVA offers additional diagnostic options such as a standing CT examination and operating facilities.