Via Nova takes the current situation regarding the Corona virus very seriously. As of today, the rules below will apply to prevent the virus from spreading as much as possible. Necessary consultations can be scheduled by appointment, provided that everyone strictly adheres to the rules. 

Do you suffer from one or more of the below mentioned symptoms:

  • Sore throat, headache, cough / sneezing, colds, fever

then we must insistently ask you to postpone your appointment or have someone else come to the clinic with your horse.


We also ask you to

  • Minimize social contacts
  • Not shake hands
  • Keep a minimum distance of 1,5 meters
  • Contact us digitally or by phone, instead of physical contact
  • Announce pick ups beforehand, so they can be prepared
  • Avoid physical contact with our staff
  • Not enter the stables if you do not have clearance from our staff
  • Accompany the horse with only 1 person that drops the horse off and picks it up later
  • Be present in the waiting area with no more than 4 people at the same time, but preferably wait in your own vehicle
  • Keep the best possible distance from each other during the examination/treatment
  • To cough/sneeze in your elbow
  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap for at least 20 seconds after coughing/sneezing or visiting the toilet

ATTENTION: Every country has its specific rules concerning public life. Please make sure that you are aware of these rules.


In this way, we hope to serve and receive you in a safe way. We thank you in advance for your cooperation and your understanding.


Management Team Via Nova